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Val di Rabbi can offer you unforgettable experiences

all year long.



Spring is the most magical moment to be in the mountains, enjoying nature’s slow awakening.

Slowly the snow melts down, setting the landscape free from its icy blanket. The first grass fills the fields of warm green and it is soon followed by a magnitude of flowers. It’s the time of the year in which waterfalls and rivers, full because of the snow melting, are most spectacular.

The first sunny and warm days of the season will let us go out on small hikes. Both the Saent and the Valorz waterfalls are very pretty in this time of year.


Summer is the perfect season for exploration in nature.

Fields and pastures are bright green and the cows enjoy their time outside, cheering our walks with the sound of their bells. The sun warms the earth, blessing the walkers with the smell of grass and wood.  Sometimes we can spot a squirrel running up a tree. At higher altitudes we can hear the whistle of marmots, warning each other of possible danger while they sleep in the sun. 

It’s the perfect time to try more difficult hikes and to discover the hidden beauties of Val di Rabbi. We can visit the mountain huts, Stella Alpina and Dorigoni, or reach the Tibetan bridge and stop in a malga to taste some delicious local food. Once we are back from our walk, if we are tired, we will find the Kneipp Path waiting to refresh us with its waters. 


Nature and tradition are main protagonists in Autumn.

As temperatures drop, the grass in the fields and the leaves turn yellow and orange, blessing us with a wonderful contrast between the warm colors of the earth and the deep blue sky. The first snow whitens the highest peaks, embellishing the already magical landscape. It’s like a perfect picture, waiting to be witnessed by our eyes.

Between the end of September and the middle of October, the woods of the Stelvio National Park resonate with the belling of the male deers. It is his mating ritual, as the males challenge each other to conquer the females.

You can also witness the typical Desmalgada, the cattle drive. During summer the farm animals leave their barns in the villages in order to enjoy the high altitude pastures, and they come back as the colder season approaches. The Desmalgada is the perfect chance to witness some of the old traditions and to experience first hand how our land is always in close harmony with nature and its rhythms.

The Cheese Festival takes place in autumn as well. It’s a traditional event, entirely dedicated to the Casolét, the local cheese from Val di Sole, and to the local cuisine.


Val di Rabbi has a lot to offer during Winter as well. 

First of all you can discover ice climbing. The Valorz Falls that offer a wonderful show of water and rock during summer, turn into a winter playground for those who like this extreme sport. The arena consists of six major waterfalls: Cascata Madre (Mother Fall), Cascata degli Angeli (Angel Fall), Cascata del Salto Mortale (Backflip Fall), Cascata della Grotta (Grotto Fal), Cascata del Sentiero (Trail Fall) e Sputo di Rospo (Toad Spit). In addition to these six there are four secondary falls. They can all be accessed with an hour’s walk from the hotel.

You can try alpine skiing. It involves climbing a mountain on skis and then enjoying wonderful descent off the slopes. There are limitless possibilities throughout the winter season and you can try routes of all lenghts and difficulties.

Another type of skiing is the cross-country skiing. You can try it in Val di Rabbi, just a few minutes away from our hotel, on a ring track of 5 km, fully immersed in the peace and quiet of the Stelvio National Park.

For those who are not really into skiing or snowboarding, snowshoes are an amazing alternative. They will allow you to explore the woods and to witness the life of the animals that spend their winter in them.

During the last years the fat bike has spread: it’s a mountain bike with huge tires, which also comes in an electric version. This will allow us to venture on the snow without skis or snowshoes and to discover tracks we had never tried before.

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