Venetian sawmills

The Rabbies Torrent characterizes the banks and runs through the entire Val di Rabbi

The Venetian sawmills are sawmills that operate entirely on the power of the Rabbies Torrent. In Val di Rabbi, there are two of them, completely restored and open to visitors: the Segheria dei Braghje in Rabbi Fonti and the Segheria dei Bègoi.

These particular sawmills spread in Trentino from the 13th century, influenced by the nearby Republic of Venice from which the structures take their name. However, the ones we find in Val di Rabbi date back to the 18th century. They were a true revolution because the physical strength of the workers was replaced by the power of water, making the work much less strenuous.

You can explore them on the “Sawmills Path,” which takes you from Rabbi Fonti to visit the Segheria dei Braghje and then, through a comfortable and pleasant dirt road, leads you to the Segheria dei Bègoi. Guided tours can also be arranged, which are free for Rabbi Card holders.