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  • an alpine valley with a special natural environment, a refuge where you can enjoy your rest having fun in contact with nature.
  • Valley is located at the Val di Sole side and is run by Rabbies torrent. The valley is parallel to Pejo valley and is separated from the Cima Rossa-Vegaia-Tremenesca-Camocina mountain range, while the opposite side confines with Bresimo Valley in Non Valley and with Sud-Tyroler valleys.
  • Val di Rabbi has been known since ancient times for the reddish underground water source, rich in therapeutic properties so as to go to history by the name of “Natural elixir” and still today is a destination for tourists looking for well-being physical and psychic as well as winter sports enthusiasts as well as mountain bikers, hikers and mountaineers who meet their wishes here.
  • Val di Rabbi is one of the most characteristic environments for the natural landscape of the entire province of Trento and has therefore been included in Stelvio National Park, a geological crossroads of deep valleys that play a mosaic, between stones and monumental arches, springs, glaciers and snowfields, natural reservoirs of creeks that slop the hillsides and the valley floor.
  • Water draws paths of extraordinary beauty on the rocky walls, flowing torrents accompany the hikers taking the paths that develop along the coniferous forests: transparent, swollen and sparkling tapes, go through green turfs, silent forests, tangled passages torn to the rock.

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