Forest Bathing

The green trend for the recovery of our well-being!

The nature changes its colors and we… only need to change our clothing!

Forest Bathing, also known as shinrin-yoku in Japanese, is a simple practice that involves spending time immersed in nature. It does not require any special skills and is suitable for everyone. Scientific research has shown that spending time among trees has numerous benefits, such as reducing heart rate, blood pressure, stress, and depression, while boosting immune function.

The Val di Rabbi is the perfect place to practice Forest Bathing. The valley offers a combination of tranquil alpine lakes, thundering waterfalls, breathtaking panoramas, and forests of larch and fir trees that emit an intense resinous scent.

Forest Bathing, or Forest Therapy, is a wellness concept associated with a vacation that involves close contact with nature. Through this practice, we can learn to appreciate the beauty of hiking, not just as a means to reach a destination.

During the walks, it is important to breathe in the pure and fresh mountain air, savoring the many scents of the forest. There’s the pungent smell of resin, the warm and welcoming aroma of the undergrowth, the scent of grass warmed by the sun, and the crisp morning air. Occasionally, it is pleasant to stop and listen to the melody of birdsong and the wind gently caressing the needles of the larch and fir trees. Taking the time to embrace a tree and feel its energy can also be rewarding. At the end of a hike, it is rejuvenating to walk barefoot on the grassy meadow and immerse oneself in the cool waters of a stream. Forest Bathing is a blend of hiking and yoga, a forest spa that utilizes the contact with nature to restore our well-being.

It can be practiced both in summer and winter. During the colder season, wearing snowshoes allows you to enjoy the enchantment of the snowy forest.

In summer, we recommend:

The Park Therapy path, a few meters from the Coler parking lot, near the Saent Waterfalls. It involves walking barefoot in the forest, experiencing the alternating sensations of stones, grass, moss, bark, cones, and tree trunks.

The Kneipp Path, just a few minutes from our hotel.