The Valorz Valley and its ice waterfalls are located just a few minutes from Alpen Hotel Rabbi.

For thrill-seekers in winter, the spectacular amphitheater of the Cascate di Valorz transforms into one of the most popular Ice Climbing Arenas in the Alps. Ten impressive frozen waterfalls with varying levels of difficulty and vertical drops ranging from 100 to 250 meters dominate the landscape.

The Valorz circus consists of six main waterfalls: Cascata Madre, Cascata degli Angeli, Cascata del Salto Mortale, Cascata della Grotta, Cascata del Sentiero, and Sputo di Rospo. In addition to these, there are also four secondary waterfalls.

For true ice climbing enthusiasts, the site of extreme natural beauty located in Val di Saent, within the Stelvio National Park, is a must-visit: here you can find three different icefalls that are aesthetically pleasing and provide great satisfaction.

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