The Kneipp area, an oasis of relaxation outdoors!

Just a 2-minute walk from Alpen Hotel Rabbi

The Kneipp Path takes its name from its inventor, the German abbot Sebastian Kneipp, who healed from tuberculosis thanks to immersions in the Danube River. Kneipp realized that water, if used correctly, can have enormous benefits for our body.

Just a few meters from our hotel, there is a beautiful Kneipp Path that uses the natural elements of Val di Rabbi and the water that comes directly from the Valorz Waterfalls.

It is a short barefoot path. The trail is paved with natural elements such as wood, bark, various-sized pebbles, and fresh grass. These alternate with sections where the feet immerse in the fresh water from the waterfalls. There are also a cold water basin to reinvigorate leg circulation, a basin for clay packs, and fountains where you can also immerse your face and arms.

It is an experience that can be done every day and is ideal for refreshing and rejuvenating after a long and tiring walk.

Access is free for all our guests.