“Fruscio” is the new sensory path in the heart of Stelvio National Park

Recently inaugurated in the woods below the Caldesa and Samocleva mountain huts, “Fruscio” is a path that winds through a beautiful forest of larch and ferns. It is an experience that reminds us, through the simplicity of nature, that we are often too busy talking and making noise to concentrate on listening to what surrounds us.

Getting there is very easy. We leave the car at the Cavallar Parking lot and climb up the road that leads to the Caldesa and Samocleva mountain huts. For the first stretch, we can also choose to follow the trail to Lake Corvo, but the road that winds through the larch trees is definitely more convenient. After a couple of hairpin turns, we reach the junction for “Fruscio,” which is very well signposted, and from here we start our journey.

The first installation we encounter is “Batti Mi,” composed of logs that, when struck with other pieces of wood, emit a beautiful sound. We continue on the road until we can enter the forest, at the location of “Carillarici.” These are chimes built on the trunks of the larch trees: pulling a rope activates the mechanism that makes them play. A few steps ahead, we find a wonderful relaxation area where we can lie down and read amidst the ferns.

Among the branches of a larch tree, we already glimpse “L’Irraggiungibile,” a piano wedged between the branches of the tree, paying homage to Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, a pianist of Brescian origins who often stayed in his summer house in Val di Rabbi. Arriving at “Cielo cielo,” we can sit on the logs and admire the landscape of our beloved valley, and then continue towards “Ascolto panoramico.” These are two wooden “shells” that allow us to listen to the sounds of the forest and the valley.

All in all, it is a very easy path to reach and suitable for everyone, as long as we are willing to remain silent to appreciate the beauty of nature. Since it is a path in the woods, we always recommend wearing appropriate clothing and equipment.