Apple Fritters

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Hello everyone!

This morning we woke up to a thick blanket of snow! It’s not a surprise: winter is my favorite season! The snow covering everything makes me think of a warm blanket that protects nature from the cold of the night. And snow brings joy to children; I remember how much Silvia enjoyed playing and sledding in the snow! This morning, I saw the same joy in her eyes as when she was little! It brought back so many memories. How many fun rides on the sled with her shouting, “Don’t brake, don’t brake!” And then, to warm ourselves up, I would prepare a delicious snack with tea (mulled wine for me) and apple fritters! It was today’s sweet snack, and accompanied by a vanilla sauce or a scoop of ice cream, it will be one of the desserts of the coming winter! They are simple and quick, give them a try!