Trentino-style Strangolapreti

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Dear Friends,

Today, I want to propose another dish that is always highly appreciated: Strangolapreti alla trentina. Please don’t confuse them with strozzapreti, which are a type of fresh pasta. It is said that strangolapreti were served and greatly enjoyed by high prelates during the Council of Trent. There are many theories about the origin of the name, but I like to tell the story that a priest, returning from an unsuccessful hunting trip, entered a tavern very hungry. The innkeeper prepared this dish that he liked so much that the priest asked for seconds, thirds… and so on, until he almost choked. Only with a well-placed punch did the innkeeper manage to make the greedy priest spit out the extra bite!

Whatever the origin may be, I invite you to come and taste them. While we wait, since we still can’t travel, you can prepare them following this simple recipe.