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Val di Rabbi experiences - Forest Bathing Rabbi Hotel

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Forest Bathing

The green trend for the recovery

of our well-being!

  • It was born in Japan and its name is shinrin-yoku. We call it Forest Bathing, a simple activity that does not require special skills and which is suitable for everyone.
  • This new trend is a full immersion in the rich vegetation of Val di Rabbi, among peaceful alpine lakes, thundering waterfalls, larch and fir woods that emanate an intense scent of resin and breathtaking views.
  • Forest Bathing or Forest Therapy is our concept of well-being, connected to a holiday in close contact with nature, making excursions not only to reach the destination: the excursions must be experienced by breathing deeply in the pure and fresh air and the uncountable scents of the forest, stopping to listen to the melody of the birds, hugging a tree to feel its energy and catch the balsamic smell of the resin, walk barefoot on the grass and deep them in the cool water of a stream. It is a mixture of trekking and yoga, a spa in the woods in full contact with the territory to regain our state of well-being.
  • We recommend: the Barefoot path in the woods with of stones, grass, moss, bark and pine cones and trunks and the Kneipp path just a few minutes from our hotel.
  • Remember: Forest Bathing can also be done in winter, in the snow with snowshoes.

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