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Val di Rabbi experiences - Forest Bathing Rabbi Hotel

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Forest Bathing

The green trend for the recovery

of our well-being!

Forest Bathing originated in Japan, where it is called “shinrin-yoku”. It’s a simple practice that anyone can enjoy and it consists, as its name suggests, in spending time in nature. Scientist have in fact found out that being in the woods helps us reduce stress levels, heart rate, blood pressure and depression. 

Val di Rabbi is the perfect place to try Forest Bathing. Our Valley offers both calm alpine lakes and roaring waterfalls, breathtaking landscapes and resin-smelling larch woods. 

Forest Bathing could help us understand that we don’t always need a destination when we wander in the woods. While you walk you should enjoy breathing fresh and clean air, as well as the scent of the forest. You could stop from time to time and listen to the birds singing or take a moment to hug a tree and feel its energy. Forest Bathing is a mixture of hiking and yoga, a wooden spa that grants us wellness and relaxation through nature. 

It can be practiced both in summer and in winter, with snowshoes. 

In summer we suggest you to try:

The “park therapy” path, close to the Coler parking lot and the Saent Waterfalls. You will have to walk barefoot in the woods, on a mixture of grass, stones, moss and bark. 

The Kneipp Path, only a few minutes’ walk from our hotel. 

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