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Val di Rabbi - Spring - Summer Rabbi Hotel

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Spring – Summer

The seasons to live in the Stelvio National Park

in Val di Rabbi


  • Spring is the most colorful season of the year, is the time when nature in Val di Rabbi awakens from winter deep sleep
    to prepare for summer heat. Chirping of birds, blooming flowers, snow on the tops will soon melt, air is warmer and days
    that stretch as light goes on in the sun and the sun are set ever later, give everyone the most desire to live:
    this is why spring is considered the season of rebirth. And then we took advantage of it! It is the ideal time
    to renew and purify both mentally and physically with a nice vacation by us!
  • In summertime, Val di Rabbi gives unforgettable experiences. Living your holiday means refreshing and toning
    not only the body …. peace that breathes in the fresh shade of the larches, listening to water flowing clear
    in falls and creeks give relief to the mind. Outdoor activities such as walks, hiking, Nordic walking,
    mountain biking, fishing and beautiful playgrounds where wood and nature are protagonists with children.
    The fantastic outdoor kneipp course, the bridge suspended and many excursions in nature will frame every day of your holidays.

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