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Val di Rabbi - Autumn - Winter Rabbi Hotel

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Autumn – Winter

The seasons to spend in Val di Rabbi in the Stelvio National Park


All you can do in Winter:

  • Ice climbing: the Valorz Falls become a playground for one of the most adrenaline winter sports. The arena consists of six waterfalls: Cascata Madre, Cascata degli Angeli, Cascata del Salto Mortale, Cascata della Grotta, Cascata del Sentiero and Sputo di Rospo, plus four other secondary waterfalls. You can reach them with an hour’s walk, starting directly from our hotel.
  • Alpine skiing, going to the mountains on skis and then enjoying wonderful off-piste descents. Many¬†possibilities throughout the winter season with routes of all lengths and commitments.
  • Cross-country skiing, a ring of 5 km immersed in the peace and silence of the Stelvio National park.
  • Snowshoes allow you to enter the woods and allow you to see the life of the many animals that spend winter in these environments.
  • The Fat Bike: the mountain bike in winter version with giant tires and electric too! Venture in the snow without skis or snowshoes to discover suggestive itineraries.

All you can do in Autumn:


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