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6 Reasons to Stay with Us


The passion and love for family values and for hospitality have always distinguished us, as the attention to details that animate our home.

That same attention today means greater safety for our guests and our staff, to ensure you live your holiday without worries and smiling as always!

We will update you with all the news that concern us as the situation evolves. We invite you to stay updated on our socials and on this page. We will be happy to tell you how we are preparing to offer you the welcome you deserve.


In order to ensure a safe stay for everyone, rooms will be available starting from 4 pm of the arriving day and you will be required to leave them by 9 am on the departure day.

It is mandatory to always wear a mask both while in the hotel and outside, following the last DPCM regulations. 

Identity documents should be sent by email or WhatsApp 2 days before your arrival. You will also receive a privacy document to sign and send back by email or WhatsApp. 


Bank transfer is the preferred paying option. Our IBAN  code is IT 85 D 08163 35000 00021 0311883 registered to Vide’ snc for Alpen Hotel Rabbi. 

We also accept cash, credit cards and debit card payments. Please note that the tourist tax must be payed in cash. 


In any case, access will not be allowed to guests who:

  • have a body temperature which is higher than 37.5°. If that is the case we ask you to inform us as soon as possible, so we can manage your reservation accordingly.
  • Are subjected to fiduciary quarantine
  • Have been in contact with COVID-19 positive people in the previous 14 days 
  • Do not abide by the rules and do not respect the preventive measures outlined by the hotel

You can find more information about the hikes in our beautiful valley in the experiences page. We will be glad to provide further information whenever you require it.



We will set the tables apart according to safety standards and, if necessary, we will diversify the meal times, also with the possibility of room service, to ensure the safety you deserve.

Breakfast and dinner will be served to guarantee the assortment, variety and quality as always.

In addition to the usual cleaning, all rooms and objects will be sanitized daily with specific products.

Dispensers will be available to guests in all rooms to ensure the hygiene of hands and all surfaces.

will always welcome you with a smile and have been properly trained so that they can protect and reassure you during your holiday.

The number of paths and places to visit and discover will make any social gathering difficult. The necessity to follow the safety rules will be easily compensated for by the natural paradise that surrounds you.

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